• What is a co-packer?
    Co-packers - short for "contract packagers" - are businesses that produce / package products on behalf of other businesses. But we want you to think of us as more than just co-packers. We work hard to be more like a member of your team, focusing on your unique needs and partnering with you to make your business a success.
  • What packaging and assembly services does Corbrook offer?
    We help businesses save time and money with our specialized services, competitive rates, and exceptional quality. We offer a long list of custom packaging and assembly services, and have the ability to handle large and small volume contracts. See Our Services link to Our Services section for more detail.
  • How do you price your services?
    We carefully price each job according to its specific requirements and in line with comparable contracts, so you always enjoy the most competitive rates, resulting in a healthier bottom line.
  • Can I check out your facility prior to contracting you?
    Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we insist! Call us today to arrange a tour of our facility at your convenience.
  • Who are some of your customers and can I speak to them?
    We provide custom packaging and assembly services to a range of businesses large and small. Over the years our customers have included Xerox, Staples, Tradewinds and Fabricland to name a few. Should you wish to connect with one of our satisfied customers, please contact us to arrange it. Read some of our Customer Testimonials. link to Our Customers section
  • How large of volumes can you handle?
    Our 17,000 square foot facility, access to many types of production equipment, and highly qualified and trained staff gives us the capability to complete both large and small volume contracts.
  • How soon can you start my job?
    For almost any type or size of contract, we are ready to begin work whenever you are.
  • Do you have the capacity to store my products?
    Our clean, bright facility consists of 17,000 square foot of production and warehousing capacity. If space is an issue, cut your costs by letting us warehouse your products for you at a very reasonable fee.
  • Do you handle shipping?
    We can arrange shipping based on your needs: whether to your location, or directly to your customers. And we will always work with you to find the most cost-effective solution.
  • How can I find out more?
    Speak to our Business Manager at 416-245-5565 to get the Corbrook team working for you today. Or email us for a fast and friendly quote.

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